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Juvenile Fiction / Social Issues / Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance

$19.99 U.S.  $25.99 CAN  

Cecil the Littlest Ant may be small, but he has a lot of

confidence since learning to surf the biggest waves.

The other boys in town invite him to join their club soccer team,

which was a good thing, as they need a lesson in sportsmanship.


Cecil stands up for his good friends, the Pesky triplets, when boys

tease them about girls playing soccer. The girls have to fight their

own battle . . . on the field . . . to prove to Moose and the others that

girls can play soccer too. Cecil is proud of his friends for standing

up for themselves, being good sports and showing everyone in

town that you can accomplish great things – no matter if you’re

a boy or a girl. Cecil and his friends know that with practice, hard

work and playing together as a team you can reach any goal.

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